ABA Services

Family Behavior Solutions provides the individual and their families with client-specific services in accordance to the objectives and desired outcomes outlined in the treatment plan.


We provide:

  • IN-HOME ABA SERVICES – A Clinical Supervisor develops a treatment plan to address areas of current needs. Our trained ABA technicians work 1:1 with your child to deliver the therapy, and BCBA’s provide ongoing training, monitoring, and supervision.


  • PARENT TRAINING – A Clinical Supervisor provides training based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to your child’s immediate caregivers to ensure consistency when dealing with problem behaviors. Clinical Supervisor provides immediate feedback and ongoing monitoring of techniques and skills that have been trained.


  • BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT – A Clinical Supervisor works with the child’s family to determine target behaviors and the need for assessments and plans. The Clinical Supervisor provides ongoing training, monitoring, and supervision for the family.


  • ASSESSMENTS – A Clinical Supervisor conducts various assessments to help determine strengths and deficits for further intervention.


  • FOOD REFUSAL– A Clinical Supervisor develops a highly specific plan to intervene when your child is exhibiting food refusal or food aversion.


  • COMMUNITY SOCIAL OUTINGS – Once behaviors and skills have been demonstrated in the one setting, your child may be encouraged to participate in community outings to help bring these skills to another environment.


  • SCHOOL CONSULTING – Our staff works with your child’s school to help him/her continue to receive appropriate educational services through 1:1 services, trainings, assessments, monitoring, and plan development. 


  • TOILET TRAINING – Alongside the family, our staff uses an evidence-based approach to teach toilet training within your child’s home.


  • SOCIAL GROUPS – Your child may be invited to attend a small social group with the support of FBS staff, including a Clinical Supervisor, Lead Teacher, and Direct Care Staff.  This group focuses on building language and increasing various social skills.