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Client Information

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FBS strives to offer clear information and expectations for its families and the children we work with. There is an insurance-based system we must follow in order to conduct assessments and to have a treatment plan approved by the insurance companies before treatment can begin.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have! We are happy to help!

Insurance & Payments

We accept most insurance plans, as well as private payments, in the forms of checks, cash, and all major credit cards as payment. Please contact our office to confirm your insurance plan.

Intake and Assessment Process

The assessment process should be completed within one month from when an open slot is available. However, note that the beginning of in-home services often takes longer, as it is dependent on staff availability and waitlist timeframes.


1. INITIAL FORMS: Look for an email containing documents needed before the initial intake, including a consent to treatment, a release of information, a letter of financial responsibility, and a request for insurance information.


2. REVIEW OF FORMS: The FBS Intake Team reviews documents for completion and accuracy.


3. INITIAL VISIT: This may take place in either an ABA office, or the client’s home depending on the services.

  • An in-person or Zoom meeting will be scheduled within 2 weeks of the acceptance of an appropriate referral so that the Clinical Supervisor assigned to the case can meet with parents or guardians to discuss the client’s current skills and needs.

  • Collection of information, such as family background, skills and needs to be assessed, allergies, medical history, and cultural considerations. Most of this information is required by insurance providers in order to receive authorization for ABA services.

  • Direct observation of the client.

  • For a home-based service, there may be a discussion about any changes needed in the home before therapy can begin.


4. RECORDS REVIEW: The Clinical Supervisor contacts necessary outside sources for information such as IEPs, functional behavioral assessments, behavior intervention plans, diagnostic testing, narrative feedback, and other evaluations previously conducted.

5. TREATMENT PLAN: The Clinical Supervisor writes a client specific treatment plan to be submitted to insurance to summarize discussions with the family and the goals and recommendations for services.


6. REVIEW AND APPROVAL BY FAMILY: The Treatment Plan will be reviewed and signed by the family and submitted to insurance for review.


7. TREATMENT PLAN IMPLEMENTATION: Because of the intense, complex, and immediate needs of the children we service, it is the policy of FBS to implement the treatment plan with timeliness and fidelity. The plan must be submitted at least one month prior to initial start date of services, so that the direct care staff trained for the most effective treatment.

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