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Our family has had the pleasure of knowing Nicole Quigley for over seven years. Nicole entered our lives to work with our son during a very difficult time. Our son was diagnosed with Autism and had great difficulty communicating which, in turn, led to behavioral problems. Nicole, who always had a smile on her face, was the utmost professional with our son. She really connected with our son, which caused him to trust her. Nicole’s skills, work ethic, and demeanor were a significant part of the reason our son’s behavioral problems disappeared.

Nicole’s treatment methods consisted of ABA Therapy, as well as, taking him out into his natural environment to be able to adjust to everyday situations. Our family is very grateful to Nicole and she will always hold a special place in our hearts. I would highly recommend Nicole Quigley to work with anyone’s child.

Into the Social Main Stream


It has been a pleasure to work with Nicole Quigley, BCBA and her clincial supervisor Alysia Ramos,LCSW, BCaBA. My son has benefited tremendously in a very short period of time receiving ABA services directly at his preschool location. I cannot express enough my appreciation for both Nicole’s and the FBS teams commitment to families. Family Behavior Solutions, Inc is truly a family-centered organization.

Happy, Energetic, Outgoing


It is my pleasure to submit a testimonial for Nicole Quigley.  Much to our luck and good fortune, Nicole became my son’s first ABA therapist back when he was first diagnosed with ASD, at the age of 19 months. Because of her energy, skills, and engaging personality, they bonded and his developmental trajectory was forever changed.

He is 9 now, doing so well, and honestly I don’t know where we would be without Nicole coming into our lives, first as a therapist, then a program supervisor, and now as a friend of our family. Nicole has always been there for us, so dedicated, and just an overall superb person. Simply put, she is the best at what she does, the very best.

Studious and Attentive


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