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We aim to be the best resource for every family who comes to us for services. To do that, we hire staff members who are compassionate, skilled, and reliable. When you join FBS, you join a supportive, flexible, and knowledgeable team who all are working together to meet a child’s goals. Come find out what makes us different from other providers. 

​Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about working with us!

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Company Job Descriptions

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Salary: Negotiable

Location: Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Job Information: 

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) serves as the supervisor for all ABA Services. They are responsible for the training and ongoing supervision of ABA Technicians providing the in home ABA services. The BCBA must hold a Master’s degree in ABA or a related field, hold a current BCBA Certification, have experience working with children with developmental disabilities and their families in the home setting, have reliable transportation and pass a background check.

Job duties:

  • Conducting assessments such as ABLLS or VB MappC

  • Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

  • Based on assessments and child’s individual needs, develop Verbal Behavior Program

  • Collect various forms of behavioral data

  • Train staff on techniques and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

  • Provide child- specific training to ABA Technicians

  • Maintain ongoing communication with a child’s family, school, and other providers.

  • Provide graphical representations of collected data

  • Maintain current and ongoing documentation

  • Provide parent training

  • Provide direct instruction to children and their families

  • Fill in for ABA Techs, if available and appropriate


Salary: Negotiable

Location: Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Job Information: 

The ABA Technician will work under the supervision of the Board Certified Behavior Analyst to provide in home and/or community highly individualized ABA services to children and their families. ABA techs are required to have experience working with children with developmental disabilities, some relevant college credits, reliable transportation and pass a background check.

Job Duties:

  • Provide direct 1:1 services in-home/community setting

  • Carry out individualized behavior plans as directed by the supervising BCBA

  • Run discrete trial training sessions

  • Work on activities of daily living

  • Model appropriate social and play skills

  • Collect frequent data to track child’s progress

  • Follow specified goals and accommodations per child’s individual goals as directed by BCBA

  • Attend and participate in periodic relevant trainings

  • Work collaboratively with parents, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst and other professionals

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Location: Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Information: Learn on the job while you are finishing your graduate program


Job duties:

  • Intensive BCBA Candidate Supervision

  • Guaranteed access to maximum hours of supervision available per month

  • Access to restricted and unrestricted hours

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Monthly Group Supervision

  • In home curriculum created to pair with current graduate course sequence and all areas of BCBA Task List 5


Students will work 1:1 direct service and have ample opportunity to participate in training experiences alongside BCBA services including:

  • Assessments (FBA, VBMAPPS, ABLLS, etc.)

  • Parent Trainings

  • Creating programming based on data collection

  • Creation of treatment plans

  • Running cases alongside BCBAs and Clinical Director

  • Special interest projects and so much more!

Students will progress as appropriate and have access to monthly meetings with the Clinical Director to ensure all hours and documentation of hours are completed appropriately. 


Location: Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Internship Information: 

The internships entail a range of tasks to provide experience in many areas of our practice.

Job duties:

  • A variety of tasks depending on the programs running and the applicant's talents.

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