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Clinic Services

We offer clinics in Middletown, RI and Rumford, RI with all the equipment to support our therapies, and we follow the same methods for therapies and process as our in-home services.


Our in-clinic services offer the benefits of having on-site access to supervisors and mimics a classroom setting, providing frequent opportunities for your child to work on social skills.


The first step in any treatment is an assessment. A Clinical Supervisor is the lead team member who will conduct various standardized tests based on the principles of ABA. These tests are the basis for an Assessment Plan that spells out further treatment.


Clinical Supervisors and ABA Associates provide the therapies from the Assessment Plan, with ongoing check-ins and interaction with the families. The ultimate plan is to help children develop the skills they require to be healthy and independent. 


Parents and caregivers may receive training and coaching from our Clinical Supervisors, who provide feedback. This allows the child to have the most consistent treatment throughout the process, and unites our Treatment Teams with families.


ABA professionals and bring the fun into our services with social groups. Following individualized assessments, along with input from clients and their families, these groups target a range of social skills. They may be held in clinics or virtually for groups up to 8 children based on needs.

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